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Working at ONI as an analyst

Our analysts typically focus on a particular geographic area or on a specific thematic or cross-cutting issue. Drawing on all sources of information, they closely monitor developments in their area, and need to distil and assess significant amounts of information on their subject. They are responsive to immediate issues and attuned to longer-term trends. They produce written assessments, provide oral briefings and assist in the coordination of intelligence collection requirements.

"The three best things about working at ONI are my colleagues, the flexibility ONI offers me and the chance to be a specialist, rather than a generalist.

People at ONI are extremely intelligent, collegial, and interested in the world — you're never short of a knowledgable sounding-board or an expert opinion.

Because the pace of work depends on international events, it's a relatively flexible environment and I can structure my job to suit. I've chosen to start and finish work early in order to pick up my son from childcare. A lot of colleagues work similarly flexible hours or are part-time.

In my area of expertise, I'm responsible for analysing international issues, forecasting trends and identifying the implications of an issue or event for Australian policymakers. It's very gratifying that my ONI assessments directly inform government policy making."

Senior Analyst


"ONI offered me the opportunity to specialise on a subject in which I'm deeply interested and had built up many years' experience in a policy environment. I've found the most important qualities for working here are the capacity to process and assess large volumes of information and a highly professional approach to work. It is a big responsibility to monitor international developments on my issues and be ready at any time to provide assessments.

Because we work with intelligence material, it's crucial that staff are discreet and responsible. But ONI isn't a stuffy place to work. It's a small organisation with a flat structure and there's a strong degree of cooperation and collaboration where topics intersect. Everyone takes great pride in doing the best job possible with the information available to us." 

Senior Analyst (EL2)