Situated at the centre of Australia’s national security and intelligence communities, we provide Australia with a strategic advantage through our forward-leaning intelligence assessments, our innovative open source analysis and by enhancing how the National Intelligence Community works together to address the challenges of today and tomorrow.

What we do

In an era of rapid geopolitical and technological change, we illuminate the future and help safeguard the nation. Formed under the Office of National Intelligence Act 2018(Opens in a new tab/window), we lead the National Intelligence Community and are the principal advisory agency to the Prime Minister on intelligence matters. We are the senior intelligence assessment body in Australia and we work on the leading edge of the nation's intelligence capabilities, driving new ideas and technologies.

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How intelligence protects Australia

Find out how our work advances the national interest and helps keep Australia safe

Who we are

We are a globally-engaged Australian intelligence agency of several hundred staff that works with partners within and beyond the Australian Government.

We are committed professionals

We are analysts, technologists, generalists, enablers, designers and planners. Above all, we are intelligence professionals who serve the nation.

We are diverse

We are stronger for the breadth of experience we all bring – we see the world from multiple perspectives, enriching how we work and think.

We are one

We are an integrated, cohesive organisation made stronger and more resilient by our collegiality, mutual respect and unity.

Our commitment to diversity

Learn more about how diversity and inclusion are critical in our work and important to us

How our values shape our work

Our work depends on trust. We cannot succeed unless we earn and maintain the trust of the Australian public, senior decision-makers and our partners inside and beyond the National Intelligence Community. So we place a premium on integrity, contestability, rigour and accountability. And we are guided in all that we do by our values and principles:

Leadership: We use our expertise and convening power to deliver distinctive value

We act where we add value and we speak when we have something to say; through our leadership, we maximise the value of Australia’s intelligence capabilities.

Integrity: We are accountable and rigorous

Our work and advice depend on others’ trust in us – to earn this, we are forthright, fair and lead by example.

Acumen: We distil information and different perspectives into actionable insight

We think clearly and boldly – we are prepared to challenge orthodoxy, we encourage contestability in all that we do and we prize our analytical independence.

Innovation: We are open to new ideas, new technology and new ways of working

Through our foresight, we anticipate threats and opportunities; through our courage to take on risk, we develop and advocate for novel, technologically-enabled responses.

Collaboration: We build consensus and cultivate trusted partnerships

We do not solve problems alone – we champion collective action and forge enduring partnerships within and beyond government.

We also share wider Australia Public Service values and are impartial, committed to service, accountable, respectful and ethical.

Integrity and accountability

Learn more about how we embed rigour, contestability and accountability in all we do.

Help safeguard Australia and shape the future of intelligence.