We deliver an intelligence advantage for the nation by working together on important challenges. We are analysts, technologists, generalists, enablers, designers and planners. Above all, we are intelligence professionals who serve the nation.

Welcome to the team

We have positions to suit a wide range of skills, experiences and backgrounds. We have some highly specialised roles but most of our staff apply their expertise in one of the following ways:

  • Analysts: Our analysts turn information into insight by rigorously synthesising and distilling what our customers need to know – this can range from interrogating publicly available information to writing on long-term challenges to briefing senior decision-makers on breaking events.
  • Technologists: Our IT planners, architects and practitioners work together to ensure the Office of National Intelligence and the broader National intelligence Community maintain leading edge technological and data capabilities.
  • Intelligence coordination: Our coordinators focus on how the National Intelligence Community can most effectively work together on our missions, our capabilities and our engagement with others.
  • Intelligence enablers: Our work would not be possible without the professional support provided by our intelligence production and delivery team, creative designers, trainers, psychologists, finance and human resources professionals, vetting analysts, executive support officers and our broader corporate team.

Find your role

If you have particular skills or experience, find out how you could apply them in different roles across the organisation. Start by finding the statement that most closely matches your skills, background and interests:

"I have immersed myself in a different culture, language or society"

You could work as an analyst writing assessments for senior members of the government or analysing public and online discourse. You could also use and deepen your language skills. 

"I want my technological skills to make a difference"

You could help us create the next generation of intelligence capabilities, including through working on some of the most complex IT projects in Australia or by applying emerging research to critical security and intelligence challenges. We need people who understand the emerging technology landscape, can work with researchers to stimulate intelligence-focused innovation and drive the uptake of new technology and processes.

"I want to extend my scientific, economic or financial expertise"

You could use your expertise to understand international trends, identify emerging issues and explain complex concepts succinctly to senior decision-makers.  You have the opportunity to engage with world-leading experts and to work at the intersection between policy, intelligence, research and economic perspectives.

"I am a generalist or a policy officer looking for a new challenge"

Generalists and skilled policy officers work in roles across our organisation. We offer the opportunity to rapidly build an understanding of how the National intelligence Community works and to take responsibility for interesting and important portfolios of work with considerable autonomy.

"I have specialised professional skills I want to use in novel ways"

We need psychologists, lawyers, procurement and project managers, human resource specialists, IT and information professionals, executive assistants and couriers. We offer the chance to use your skills in new ways to achieve exciting outcomes that have critical and significant consequences for the nation.

Help safeguard Australia and shape the future of intelligence.