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Public Interest Disclosure

Public Interest Disclosure Act 2013

The Public Interest Disclosure Act 2013 (PID Act) promotes integrity and accountability in the Commonwealth public sector. This is done by:

  • encouraging and facilitating the disclosure of information by public officials about suspected wrongdoing in the public sector
  • ensuring that public officials who make public interest disclosures are supported and protected from adverse consequences relating to the making of a disclosure
  • ensuring that disclosures are properly investigated and dealt with.

The Inspector-General of Intelligence and Security oversees the operation of the Public Interest Disclosure (PID) scheme for ONI. 

Further information regarding the PID scheme can be found on the website of the Inspector-General of Intelligence and Security and the Commonwealth Ombudsman.

The Pubic Interest Disclosure Act 2013 can be found at

You can email an ONI authorised officer at AuthorisedOfficer [at] oni.gov.au or using the postal address below:

Attention: PID Authorised Officer
Locked Bag 6310
Kingston ACT 2604

Potential disclosers are reminded that they should not provide classified or sensitive material to ONI upon initial contact. Appropriate handling arrangements can be made as required, after initial contact with the authorised officer.

Portfolio Budget Statements

The Portfolio Budget Statements provide information, explanation and justification to enable Parliament to understand the proposed allocation of resources to outcomes in Appropriation Bills No.1 and No.2 2018-19.