Our staff are committed to serving Australia. In return, our commitment is to provide them with a safe and collegial workplace where they feel valued and receive the support they need to thrive and succeed. 

Support and assistance

The Office of National Intelligence has a strong focus on staff health and wellbeing. In an organisation dedicated to protecting the country, keeping our staff and their families safe and supported is important to us. Sometimes our staff can be asked to deal with difficult and sensitive matters and, at all times, our people have to act with integrity and discretion to protect the information with which we are entrusted. To help our staff, we provide multiple layers of assistance and encourage staff to reach out for help.

Any staff member can access personal or financial advice as needed. We have in-house psychologists whom staff can consult with as needed and an employee assistance program through which staff can access a variety of professional advice. We then have an active staff well-being program that runs events and helps shape training, guidance and activities to keep staff feeling confident and healthy. All staff are provided with regular workplace health and safety assessments to ensure their needs are being met. We are a Gold Mental Health First Aid workplace and have a team of Mental Health First Aiders.

Mental Health First Aid Australia


Our staff give their all in their work. So we want them to bring all of themselves to work. It is vital for us that our people feel confident in being themselves in our workplace, in putting forward bold new ideas and in challenging and contesting others' views.

We have a strong and lively organisational culture. Through our active social club, and our mentoring, awards and culture programs, we provide different ways for staff to connect with their colleagues and feel recognised and valued.

We have Senior Executive Service (SES) level inclusion and diversity champions who demonstrate inclusive leadership, model and promote the values of and benefits of diversity and inclusion, represent the organisation at internal and external meetings and events, facilitate conversation with employees about their lived experience, contributions and ideas about improving our workplace, and engage with other senior leaders and managers to represent the perspectives of their diversity cohort. 

We have several support networks for our workforce, including for women, LGBTIQ staff and those from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds.  The networks help to foster a culture where everyone feels valued, safe and included at work, where staff celebrate diversity and share experiences, support each other to reach our full potential at work and drive forward specific initiatives, such as training and events. The groups provide guidance and support to individuals, managers and leadership on how to create more inclusive working environments.

We also observe cultural days of significance, host targeted events for staff and encourage all staff to undertake inclusion training.

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Our mission depends on us creating a vibrant and welcoming culture that values a diversity of perspectives to our work

Help safeguard Australia and shape the future of intelligence.