We offer work that matters and access that counts. Working at the heart of government, you have the opportunity to influence and inform senior decision-making and to shape the future of intelligence.

We empower you to do meaningful work

We are a globally engaged organisation but never lose sight of our primary duty: to protect and advance Australian interests and to provide a strategic advantage for the Australian Government. To do this, we provide our staff with the autonomy and support they need to do their best work and to produce results.

Changing minds and making things better is at the heart of what we do. We are the senior intelligence assessment body in Australia and we work on the leading edge of the nation's intelligence capabilities, driving new ideas and technologies. To succeed in our mission, we have to be bold in our thinking, courageous in our decisions and persuasive in bringing people with us. This means we want our staff to explore new ideas, challenge convention and tackle hard problems. 

Our work matters. It informs the most senior decision-makers in Australia. We carry out critical intelligence functions, working closely with partners to protect the national interest. So we must be trusted and there must be a rigour and authority to our judgments and advice. To ensure this, we provide the time, training and resources so our staff can produce robust, tested analysis that gets to the heart of what matters.

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Make an immediate impact 

From the day you start, your views and insights are welcome. You can comment on draft products, participate in analytical discussions and challenge our thinking.

  • Every day, you will have opportunities to put forward ideas and be heard. You will often work closely with our leadership team and a wide variety of colleagues who do different work. You will be able to contribute your views and ideas directly into important discussions.
  • Within your first few weeks, you could be identifying potential intelligence items for your team to include in the daily intelligence reports prepared for the Prime Minister or talking with partner agencies about a shared intelligence challenge. You will have been provided with a comprehensive induction into our work and enrolled in our training program. You may have dropped in to our Innovation Hub to meet science or technical specialists working on innovative intelligence projects. 
  • Within your first few months, you will have met and started working alongside your colleagues from other National Intelligence Community, building out your professional network. You will likely have met with international intelligence partners virtually or in-person to discuss your area of focus. You will also have had the opportunity to participate in other internal and external roundtables with leading experts.
  • Within your first six months, you may have prepared your first major analytical piece for senior ministers or contributed to a Cabinet memorandum on the performance and resourcing of the National Intelligence Community.

We give you the access to succeed

We offer unrivalled access – to senior decision-makers, to the information and insights we possess, to international networks, to leading experts and to the heart of Australia’s intelligence machinery. Most importantly, we provide the chance to work alongside our staff, who are talented, dedicated and welcoming of new ideas and different perspectives.

As leaders of the National Intelligence Community, our authority depends not on our formal powers but on our ability to persuade, convince and inspire others using our perspective, expertise and ideas. So we give our staff the time and space to meet their counterparts and the autonomy to speak on behalf of the organisation, allowing them to build credibility, form networks and establish enduring relationships.

We then ensure our people have the resources and information they need to deliver. Our staff can travel internationally, access intelligence relevant to their role, subscribe to the news and media they need and be supported by unrivalled professional development. We also have a dedicated Outreach team that helps our staff connect to leading experts in their field. We do all this so staff have the information and connections they need to produce unique insights and innovation.

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