To work at the Office of National Intelligence, you must be an Australian citizen and be willing and able to undergo security vetting. You must be able to maintain the highest levels of discretion. But, unlike some other National Intelligence Community agencies, you can tell people you trust about your employment with us.

Australian citizenship

All staff at the Office of National Intelligence must be Australian citizens and you must hold Australian citizenship at the time you submit your application.

If you don't have a birth certificate issued by an Australian State or Territory Government, you must submit a copy of your Australian Citizenship Certificate with your job application.

Holding a dual citizenship does not prevent you from applying for a role with us but it will be reviewed as part of the security vetting process.

Participation in security vetting

All staff at the Office of National Intelligence must hold a security clearance, although not all staff need to hold the highest level of clearance.

To be considered suitable for a security clearance, the Office of National Intelligence needs to establish that you have the highest level of trustworthiness and commitment to Australia, its values and its democratic system of government. The clearance process is a comprehensive assessment and covers all aspects of your life. You will need to provide a significant amount of information during the clearance process, as summarised on our security vetting page. While the process can seem intrusive, it is a fundamental component of the employment process in ensuring we can continue to protect Australia's national interest.  


Unlike employment with some other National Intelligence Community agencies, your professional relationship with the Office of National Intelligence does not have to be treated with complete confidentiality. 

While you will be expected to be discreet about your work and maintain the highest levels of discretion about the information you access in your role, you can talk with people you trust about your employment. Our staff carry business cards with their names and roles on them, meet frequently and openly with people outside the National Intelligence Community and can, if they wish, disclose their employment in other professional contexts.

You may discuss an application for a role with our organisation with your referees, your current supervisor and your immediate family. 

Other eligibility requirements

There are no other blanket eligibility requirements that apply to all our positions. Some positions may require individuals to have specific skills or qualifications. If a position requires these, they will be clearly stated in the Candidate Information Kit.

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