The Office of National Intelligence offers unrivalled professional development opportunities. We want all our staff to learn and grow in their roles as national intelligence professionals and build their broader careers.

Professional skills development

We provide our staff with a comprehensive suite of induction and internal training programs. These focus on core intelligence and leadership skills, including how we can all contribute to organisational diversity and inclusiveness.

We then encourage staff to participate in National Intelligence Academy and National Security College(Opens in a new tab/window) courses. We then support staff undertaking a wider range of broader Australian Public Service, international and private sector professional and leadership training courses.

Subject matter expertise development

We encourage staff to build their subject matter expertise through relevant in-person and virtual training, short courses and in-country travel. We offer staff access to an extensive range of subscription publications, including news, current affairs and specialist journals to broaden their personal reading and research. We also help staff develop their expertise through access to world-leading experts via our outreach program and the opportunity to travel and engage with international counterparts.

We also provide extensive support and tutoring for those learning or maintaining languages and pay allowances for the maintenance and building of priority language skills.

Studies assistance

We provide one of the most generous studies assistance schemes in the country, covering up to 100% of course costs for study in Australia or overseas that aligns with organisational priorities, as well as a range of subsidies for other types of study.

Travel and outreach

The Office of National Intelligence is a globally engaged organisation. We work with partner organisations around the world and regularly participate in diplomatic, academic, government and civil society dialogues and conferences. We have a strong reputation internationally that allows our staff to meet and talk with leading international experts and thinkers. We enable staff to travel internationally where and when they need, including to develop their subject matter or language skills periodically.

Help safeguard Australia and shape the future of intelligence.