The Office of National Intelligence recruits staff based on merit, which means that, from a field of applicants, we use open and competitive processes to select the best person for the job.

How we make merit-based selections

We compare and weigh up the skills, experience and abilities of each candidate who applies for a role and meets our eligibility criteria. We use different tools and techniques, such as written applications, interviews and work sample tests to collect the evidence we need to make a merit-based decision. Selection committees are appointed carefully to ensure processes are conducted fairly and so that the committees have a balance between genders and across different work areas. 

How we assess candidates

As a first step, written applications are reviewed by members of a selection committee. They will consider your claims against the key attributes required for the role. Candidates who demonstrate the strongest claims are shortlisted for participation in the next stage of the selection process.

Those candidates who are shortlisted are invited to an interview with the selection committee. They can also be invited to participate in other forms of assessment, such as (but not limited to) psychological testing, an interview with an organisational psychologist or a skills and suitability assessment. References will also be checked.

Outcomes of  selection processes

Once a selection committee has concluded its deliberation, it prepares a detailed written report setting out its assessment of each candidate. The selection committee may identify a single candidate for progression or it may establish a merit list or pool of all candidates who were suitable for the role and may be able to fill similar vacancies.

Those candidates who are identified for progression will be invited to commence security vetting. Other candidates will be notified by email of the outcome of their application.

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