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Dom, Analyst

My career: “As a private sector markets analyst, I wrote briefing notes for clients that I sometimes felt were barely read. Now I prepare material for the most senior decision-makers in Australia on how technology, energy transition and climate are interacting.

My development: "I am currently undertaking a Masters in Applied Data Analytics at the Australian National University, which is supported through the Office's studies assistance. I have my course fees paid and I get time off to study and complete assignments."

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Meredith, Creative Designer

My role: “I get to use my professional skills and be creative in working with others on how we can best convey complex data stories simply."

My development: "I've participated in some of the mentoring and coaching programs offered by ONI and found them really beneficial for building contacts and helping me think differently about my career choices."

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Rob, Analyst

My career: “I’ve moved from a university role and not only kept but expanded my professional network. I really value working quickly with colleagues to shape and rigorously test ideas."

My hobbies: "I've enjoyed participating in the Office's social club events, particularly the cooking competitions. My Malaysian chicken curry is hard to beat.”

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Lily, Coordinator

My career: “I arrived here from private legal practice and have now worked in a few completely different roles, including some time representing the organisation in London.  I’m now working part-time for three days a week while I complete a Masters degree.”

My team: "The best part of my job is my colleagues. I work mostly in a small team of around five people. All the team have completely different backgrounds - some have worked in intelligence for most of their career, while others are more like me in having previously worked in different fields."

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Amin, Mission Coordinator

My job: "I help ensure agencies are working together as effectively as possible to deliver on a priority mission for the government. This involves a lot of liaison with both intelligence community colleagues and our policy customers. It's rewarding to see how us bringing people together helps produce real results."

My learning: “This role gives me perspective on how the entire National Intelligence Community works together on a key priority for government. A lot of this comes from my day-to-day work but I've also undertaken courses through the National Intelligence Academy, at the National Security College and the APS Academy.”

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