Director-General of National Intelligence, Andrew Shearer, has moderated a panel session on ‘AUKUS, Technology, and the Role of Intelligence’ at the Australian Strategic Policy Institute's Sydney Dialogue.

The panel discussed the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead for Australia, the United Kingdom, and the United States as they collaborate under the AUKUS partnership.

During the panel discussion, DGNI Shearer highlighted the need to protect advanced technologies.

"We are seeing a growing overlap between national security, economic security, and technology, as these elements become increasingly intertwined. And we are seeing governments around the world grappling with policy responses to that situation and regulatory responses," said DGNI Shearer.

Sydney Dialogue Panel Session

The panellists also discussed the challenges posed by the increasing power imbalance in the Indo-Pacific region and the use of military force to coerce and invade other countries, such as Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

The panel discussion was part of the Sydney Dialogue 2023, an annual international conference that brings together world leaders, policymakers, business leaders and academics to discuss global challenges.

To watch the full panel discussion on ‘AUKUS, Technology, and the Role of Intelligence’, visit the ONI YouTube channel(Opens in a new tab/window).

18 April 2023

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