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Enterprise Management

Building a robust capability to manage Australia's intelligence enterprise is a core mission for ONI. ONI's enterprise management role underpins our leadership, coordination and guidance functions for the National Intelligence Community (NIC). Enterprise management involves a focus on NIC-wide governance, capability, coordination, integration and evaluation.

Governance and Capability

This area is responsible for the strategic planning and coordination of intelligence capabilities development for the NIC, including the Intelligence Capability Investment Plan and the administration of the Joint Capability Fund. It is also responsible for the development of whole-of-NIC approaches to strategic workforce capability and development; data and ICT interoperability and analytics; and structured responses to technological change and to drive innovation. Its governance function includes the development of NIC-wide intelligence policy and secretariat support to NIC governance forums. 

Intelligence Coordination Integration and Engagement (ICIE)

This area comprises the Open Source Centre, foreign engagement, prioritisation and evaluation, and integration strategy and policy.

ICIE works across government to: develop intelligence missions that are aligned with Australia's foreign, defence, economic and security policy interests; articulate these missions to the NIC and Government; and develop strategies and frameworks to ensure the intelligence enterprise integrates efficiently and effectively to deliver on those missions.

Additionally, ICIE's foreign engagement area is responsible for ONI's international partnerships and coordinates the NIC's collective foreign engagement strategy.