The National Intelligence Community brings together ten agencies to protect and enhance Australia’s security, prosperity and sovereignty. Agencies work together in support of common Australian Intelligence Missions that address priority requirements of the Australian Government.

Agencies collaborate on common missions, on developing joint capabilities and shared services, with a particular focus on common technology, workforce and professional development capabilities. Agencies also provide integrated advice to the Government on intelligence priorities, requirements, performance and resourcing. 

The Australian Signals Directorate cyber and foreign intelligence facility in Canberra.
The Australian Signals Directorate cyber and foreign intelligence facility in Canberra. Image courtesy of Department of Defence image library

The Office of National Intelligence leads  the work of the National Intelligence Community. Given the community is constituted of independent agencies that answer to their respective ministers, our leadership is focused on championing collaboration and collective action.

This leadership responsibility is set out in the Office of National Intelligence Act 2018, which states the functions of the Office of National Intelligence include "leading the national intelligence community, carrying out evaluations, preparing assessments and reports and otherwise providing advice to the Prime Minister on matters relating to the national intelligence community". The Act also states the Director‑General of National Intelligence "has a leadership role in the National Intelligence Community and has responsibility for keeping the Prime Minister informed on matters relating to the national intelligence community and the Leader of the Opposition informed on matters relating to intelligence".

The National Intelligence Community was officially formed following the Australian Government's adoption of the 2017 Independent Intelligence Review's recommendations. The Review noted the need for greater integration given the increasing complexity of Australia's geostrategic environment, the rapid pace of technological change and broadening scope of security and intelligence challenges.

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