Carl Chang, ONI’s Cultural and Linguistic Diversity Champion, has taken part in a National Security Podcast, hosted by ANU National Security College, focusing on the importance of diversity in the National Intelligence Community (NIC).

To mark Harmony Week, Carl joined hosts Meg Tapia and Olivia Shen, to analyse the crucial role culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) people play in the NIC, and share some of their unique stories.

The NIC, which ONI leads, is committed to promoting and enhancing cultural and linguistic diversity in the community, to maintain our strategic advantage and keep Australia safe.

“The cultural understanding, the sophistication of how we interpret the world, there’s a whole range of different things that cultural and linguistic diversity offers,” said Mr Chang.

The NIC can only deliver for the Australian Government if we attract and employ brilliant staff who reflect the diverse and multicultural makeup of Australia, and bring the knowledge and skills crucial to the intelligence mission.  

That mission requires us to reflect and draw upon the rich diversity of talent in Australia today and to provide a place where people can do their best work in service of the nation.

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23 March 2023

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