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Working at ONI in Corporate roles

ONI's corporate area covers a number of enabling functions common to the APS and Intelligence Community more specifically: human resources, security, property, business management, IT, information management, report production, administration and executive support roles. Within, and often across, its small sections, corporate employees cover a wide range of tasks.

I've been working in ONI for three years. I joined the Corporate area directly after university and have worked in a number of areas, including business management and executive support since then. I transferred into a HR role about 12 months ago and have helped deliver a number of significant outcomes, notably following the acceptance of the 2017 Independent Intelligence Review. I have many day-to-day business-as-usual activities that keep me busy. But I am also regularly involved in projects with teams across the organisation: this provides both variety and development. I work flexible hours and I participate in the studies assistance program. I am furthering my HR qualifications, but equally looking to develop new skills that will enable me to move to other Corporate, governance or enabling roles in ONI or possibly in another agency within the National Intelligence Community.

HR Advisor