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Working at ONI in the Open Source Centre

The Open Source Centre (OSC) collects, interprets and disseminates information relating to matters of political, strategic or economic significance to Australia that is accessible to any section of the public to support Australian government intelligence priorities, the work of the NIC, and allied partner government agencies.
We employ analysts with a range of skills, particularly high-level linguistic, analysis, research and data analytic skills, and people who work well as a part of a team.

"I love working in OSC — it's creative, exciting and hugely enjoyable. Open source exploitation is an emerging field so OSC offers more than just the usual range of public service experiences. I don't just read, write and think — I get to experiment with new sources of information, work with new technologies to find new pieces of the puzzle and look at data in novel ways to meet intelligence requirements. I get to use my foreign language skills to draw unique insights and work with the wider foreign policy community — and learn new skills from colleagues with a really amazing range of backgrounds and qualifications.

OSC is a great choice if you want to work part time. At OSC, my performance is judged on my actual output rather than my presence at my desk five days a week. For me, OSC offers a personally and professionally fulfilling job that's flexible and family-friendly while still being stimulating and important." 

Analyst, Open Source Centre


"I joined ONI's Open Source Centre a few years back, coming from a large government department. The work environment at ONI suits me to a tee, as I am able to easily liaise with different parts of the Office, and have strong relationships with colleagues across the National Intelligence Community. I have made good use of contacts developed over the years within government and in think tanks and academia to better fulfil my team's mission.

As an OSC analyst I use my linguistic skills and understanding of Australia's strategic interests to produce reports that inform customers at senior levels of government about ongoing and long-term regional issues. This is very fulfilling for me given the wide and important readership of the products my team produces. Importantly, as my job is challenging it requires me to continually learn and develop new skills, which is well-catered for through the extensive training opportunities on offer, including travel and language refresher courses. There are also opportunities to represent ONI with international partners.

The OSC has a supportive leadership culture, and ONI's flexible working arrangements are also a great bonus to me as a father of two, because I am supported to have quality time with my family without it affecting my work or my career prospects."

Analyst, Open Source Centre 


"As an Open Source Terrorism Analyst I apply my Asian Studies knowledge and linguistic expertise to collect and analyse extremist online content, providing strategic insight and tactical alerts to National Intelligence Community customers. I sit shoulder to shoulder with senior All Source Analysts who are some of the most experienced and respected experts in their fields. I have had the opportunity to travel extensively through my work at ONI, developing relationships with foreign partners and gaining unique insights into my subject area.

It's a common misconception that ONI only accepts applicants with extensive industry experience and postgraduate academic qualifications. I joined ONI's Open Source Centre (OSC) after completing an honours degree, with just two years of professional experience in Defence intelligence. The OSC is an excellent place to develop your career: analysts gain exposure to intelligence, defence, and foreign policy communities. The OSC develops analyst's expertise through in-house training, public service training, academic courses and in-country language tuition. As an open source analyst I also have access to industry-leading technology that has allowed me to develop in-demand data analysis skills.

The broad research and analytical skills and in-depth subject matter expertise that I have been able to develop as an Open Source Terrorism Analyst have provided me with an excellent foundation for a fruitful and fulfilling professional career in the intelligence community and broader public service."

Open Source Terrorism Analyst