The National Intelligence Community conducts a range of activities to protect and enhance Australia’s security, prosperity and sovereignty. 

All activities conducted by National Intelligence Community agencies, individually or collectively, are conducted in accordance with agencies' legislated powers.  All agencies are answerable to their portfolio ministers and activities are subject to oversight by multiple bodies, including the Inspector-General of Intelligence and Security and the Parliamentary Joint Committee on Intelligence and Security.


National Intelligence Community agencies collect, produce and analyse information in support of common missions that address priority requirements of the Australian Government. Some information is gathered, processed or produced by agencies themselves, while other information is shared by partners.  Information is collected in a variety of ways, including through overt means, from publicly available sources or through covert means. All agencies have a legal framework that sets out what information they may collect and how they may do so.


The Office of National Intelligence, the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation and the Defence Intelligence Organisation produce intelligence assessments to inform both strategic and operational decision-making. Intelligence assessments provide substantiated judgments, based on all available information, in relation to an issue and its likely implications.


National Intelligence Community agencies work with a wide variety of partners internationally and within Australia to deliver intelligence outcomes and protect our national security. Agencies draw on partners’ expertise and share information with them in a wide variety of contexts. This includes working with academia, businesses, civil society, individuals, different levels of government within Australia and with international partners. Find out more about our partnerships.

Intelligence diplomacy

National Intelligence Community agencies liaise with international partners to build relationships and convey messages that advance wider Australian Government international and diplomatic priorities.

Disruptions and effects

Some National intelligence Community agencies have a legislative mandate to conduct activities to disrupt or influence activities harmful or contrary to Australian interests.


As well as supporting law enforcement and other investigations carried out outside the National Intelligence Community, some National Intelligence Community agencies have a legislative remit to conduct specific types of security and criminal investigations.


National Intelligence Community agencies provide guidance and recommendations to the Australian Government, other levels of government within Australia, businesses, civil society, academia and the public to help inform their decision-making. This includes threat, security and technical advice.

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